Non-Compete Agreements


Employers can protect themselves against unfair competition by departing employees with carefully drafted non-compete agreements. This area of the law is constantly evolving and agreements must be reviewed frequently to ensure they comply with the current laws. Once a non-compete in in place, if an employee leaves and begins violating the agreement, we spring into action to enforce the non-compete through whatever means necessary. Often, enforcing a non-compete requires swift action to obtain a temporary restraining order, keeping the employee from competing. Dowell Pham Harrison LLP attorneys have years of experience helping employers protect their valuable company information by drafting and enforcing non-compete agreements.


Leaving a current position to seek other employment can be a daunting task.  It can be even more stressful if you previously signed a non-compete agreement.  Prior to beginning to work for a competing business, employees should have their non-compete agreement reviewed by a lawyer to help evaluate whether the non-compete is enforceable and the potential consequences of selecting to work for a competing businesses with an enforceable non-compete agreement in place.  Dowell Pham Harrison, LLP attorneys have years of experience in drafting, reviewing, and litigating non-competes that enables them to effectively advise employees on the potential pitfalls of signing a non-compete and/or working for a competing business when you are subject to a non-compete agreement.